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More Than 10,417 First Time Buyers and Existing Home Owners Have Learnt How To 
What Do They Know That The Other 90% Of The Owners Don't Know YET...
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Yvonne Megan Lim
Advisor & Author @ Smart SG

During this difficult time, we have never seen "sharing is caring" being as important as now. We've seen Singaporeans giving back with their time, money, food, and now, we want to give back by for sharing knowledge from the best!

The Smart Singaporean is a community of savvy investors committed to sharing financial literacy and education! Join us as we partner with the best of the industry with a series of FREE web classes for you .
We all know that we were not born with money and we cannot bring money away when we leave, but we are stewards of that which is given
@ Phillip Ng
Billionaire & Founder, Far East Organization

Real estate even on a very small scale remains a tried and true means of building an individual's cash flow and wealth 
@ Robert Kiyosaki
Author, Rich Dad Poor Dad

Accumulating wealth is not just about how much money you save. It's about how fast you can grow your savings, safely, systematically and predictably
@Kelvin Fong
Executive Director, Singapore's Largest Listed Real Estate Agency

Investing in knowledge and putting it to application often pays the best interest! We are blessed to be a blessing, called to pay it forward!
@ Yvonne Megan Lim
Investor, Property Retirement Coach & Author@Smart SG

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